I have been contemplating a lot about rules and concepts of designs by trying to be a rebel in order to get things done. Why this way and why not that way? Wondering, why must I do it the way everyone else does? A lot of it is common and redundant, which is not how I like things to be. I mean, who likes ordinary right? So then, I try and make it work in my own way, set by my own rules and standards to my liking but most of the times I realize that my own liking is not necessarily accepted by the majority. I come to realize that the masses of the norms are directed by the numbers, which then explain why rules are set; to govern our thoughts.

In as much as I like to do things my own way, my growth in designs has taught me that my work is not so much mine but for the person I create it for. Eventually I am dictated to do things to the likes of others or to the acceptability of the majority. I learn to have faith in the system of rules with the understanding that the reason it is the way it is, is because of the likability of the masses and its qualification to cater for most.

The sad part is a lot of creatives begin unruly but eventually they are molded to fit into a box. It is sad because they are shown how to do things in ways that are acceptable by many, even though they may not necessarily agree with it. Can I say we are denied the chance to show our own creativity and ideas? A lot of the times we represent those who have already made it before us by making references to their work on ours, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I value giving people credit and displaying the works of those who came before us but is it to say we are useless and lack originality even though we thought about it on our own first? As if we are to blame. As if we chose the time of our existence. The thing with doing things now is majority of the work is already discovered or done before for us. Every idea I have or anything cool I think I have made, somehow someone somewhere has already thought of or done. Originality is shunned upon, unknowingly when we question our differences and pin point the great minds that thought like we do. We rely so much on replication that we find ourselves spending more time researching on other people’s work and spending less time on discovering our own. I find myself accepting that there is a root to every course, and an origin to everything I think of and that nothing I think of is truly entirely completely my own.

Regardless, I choose to have faith in the process because there has to be a reason why it is the way it is. The same way everyone that comes to me, comes to me already knowing what they want. I trust they have thought it out, and my work is just to implement their ideas and bring it to reality. As for my own work, I need to have patience in it and make time for it because the amount of time equates to value. I notice people are not quick to take on ideas and try new things. They lack comfort in the idea of expecting a designer to create something from the blue, which is why they come to you with their expectations. I don’t blame them, we all want to make sure that when something is created, it is within the scope of our imagination; something we are already familiar with. We don’t want to trust entirely on creations someone else does on our behalf, lest they go overboard. You want to make sure they are in line with what you think. Yet when you think about it, all we do is limit ourselves.

Good thing is while doing my own work; I am able to create everything as it is, straight from the mind. I am able to sprout out new ideas from nothing and make it known to the world, whether accepted or not. I find comfort knowing that it is my beauty that I brought into existence. Then again, there’s that notion of, a lot of replications exist which limits originality. In result, we create a lot of duplicates. Duplications reduce the value of our work, which further makes people justify their exploitation of us. Despite all odds, I have chosen to be patient and have faith in the process. I believe that my work will one day speak for itself. As I am the one who dictates my worth and I know that creativity in itself is valuable.