The funny thing about us man is we like to complain. We complain so much we don’t even realize we’re complaining. We never take the time to realize that what we have now is enough for that moment and that life is a journey. Nothing comes wholly packed and completed in a package. Everything comes in stages and as they do, we should learn to embrace it. We should learn to take it as it is here and now.


I notice that we rely so much on our expectations that we forget about our reality. We should live by the actualization of experiencing the now and not so much focus on the ‘what ifs’. We forget that our focus on the present sets the path for later. That’s it’s our current ‘being’ that is important and is what should always matter. It is the portrayal of our expectations that fill up the mind and bring forth worry. The same way it’s the focuses of others that fill our mind with envy instead of us fully embracing ourselves to be better beings.


Sometimes we don’t even know when chances knocks on our door because we are so busy concentrating on other things that we forget to live in the present. Sometimes we’re uncomfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable, even though the only way to get comfortable is by being uncomfortable. Remember that chance doesn’t wait on anyone and chance doesn’t favor anyone. It’s up to you to take it when it’s there, if not create the chances for yourself, you are the one who calls the shots.


Sometimes we miss our chances because we’re so busy overlooking them and surpassing opportunity, with the hopes that another will come our way. We don’t realize that it could possibly be the only shot we get. Just like life is a one shot streak, we don’t get another shot at living.


Therefore, don’t waste chances when they come. Opportunity knocks ones at every man’s door, it’s up to you to let it in when it does and make the most of it. If you blow it, that’s it you’re done! Done? No, no one really likes to think of the word done or anything worth completion, even when it comes to life and it coming to an end. What do you do when you blow your chance? Do you spend the rest of your life looking back and regretting it? No you shouldn’t, because then you consume your time with worry, pity and regret.  Move on and focus on the now. Maybe chance won’t come again, maybe it will. The truth is no one knows, only God does. If anything, you need to depend on Him more than anyone. Let it be that if you ever get another chance, you will be ready, you will be smatter, and you will take the chance but as of now, never let it slip away.