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Through undertaking both self-directed and industry-driven projects, Sylvia has challenged preconceived thinking and developed innovative approaches to her design work. She has developed creative thinking around the professional, business and social contexts of graphic communication. Being proficient with the Adobe Master Suit collection, mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Aftereffects and Premiere, she has gained experience over the years through her professional practice and uses them accordingly in her creations. Check out some of her logos created for different companies.

Digital Art:

Sylvia has done a number of commissioned works when it comes to conversion of pictures into digital drawings. Check out some of her work side by side to get a glimpse of her style and how it comes to play. Illustrated images are great for wallpapers, wall hangings or even just for use with digital content.


As you get to know Sylvia and her work you will know that her passion for photography goes beyond charisma and zeal. She mostly works on private projects and is selective on the kind of shoots she takes on. Though, her category is endless as she has shot in events, done wildlife photography, fashion shoots for bloggers, travel pictures, products, and portraits as she likes to tackle different kind of projects.

Content Creation:

Being all rounded, it becomes easy to create content for social media. Having managed a number of pages, a mix of digital art, photography, video recording and editing, writing, and graphic design comes well into play.

Self Publishing:

Sylvia has designed a couple of book covers through her work profession. It doesn’t end there. She is able to design book layouts as well to completion. She has a great team of editors that she works with and with their help, does self-publishing. If you are looking to self-publish you can consider using Spinkly Services.

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