There are so many words to describe Sylvia and Spinkly is just her “piece of cake”. She is good in branding & identity design along with other graphic design work. Many would call her a talented designer and it shows in how passionate she displays her graphics. She is all about the graphic design field.

When I got to know Sylvia, I saw a person extremely patient, responsive to communications & helpful in providing insight toward business designs. In a whole new dimension, she also understands what you want on a whole new level. There are some designers you have to constantly resend items back to have redone, but Sylvia really gets it from the onset and her speedy delivery makes a world of difference in a fast paced work environment.

Furthermore, she is an artistic and gifted professional who can assist any business in developing an identity to say the least. I would highly recommend Sylvia for her work, responsiveness, value, and ability to implement her client’s goals.